Stay Safe From Wire Fraud With CertifID

CertifID is a digital identity and device verification solution that enables the secure exchange of financial information to prevent wire fraud. 

CertifID Offers:

  • Safe sending of wiring instructions and bank details
  • Mortgage payoff verification
  • Up to $1M direct insurance per transaction
  • Fraud Recovery Services to get back stolen funds

With convenient end-to-end protection, you can keep your information secure and insured at all times!

CertifID TitleAgents

CertifID stops fraud in its tracks.

Give your employees, customers, and partners peace of mind.
Verify banking information and insure every transaction so you can save time and lower risk for all transaction participants.



Validate identities and credentials for every transaction.



Receive up to $1 million in direct insurance on every transaction.


Gain back valuable hours by eliminating callback procedures.

How does CertifID work?

Receive an email and text message from CertifID.

Validate your identity in a few simple steps.

Securely exchange bank account information for a safe transfer of funds.